Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tall Tour 2012 Schedule


June 15th Dropout Prom(Show Me the Pink, DMLH, Saucy Yoda, PS!, Super Rocks, and Dance party) meetup at Col. Summers 9pm, we ride at 10pm

June 22nd North Freak Loud and Lit(Department of Dance with Joe Cyrus and DMLH) meetup at Irving Park at 10pm

June 30th 2-7pm Multnomah County Bike Fair - SE 12th and Alder (Sprockettes, DMLH, PS!, Super Rocks, Joe Cyrus, Years & Years, Team Angst, Pedal Home, Lovebomb Go Go, and Crank My Chain).
8pm Tall Tour Crew hosted MCBF after party, leaves from MCBF.

July 21th 4pm Nuclear Beach party, Bar-BQ and bands (Tiny Knives, Rotties, Prick Scumbags, Joe Cyrus, Grrrlfriend, Super Rocks)
Aug. 18th Rockaway Beach party, meetup at Col. Summer at 2pm
Aug 26 - SE Sunday Parkways(DoD)

Sept. Sept. 1st Zoobomb 10th Anniversary(Prick Scumbags, Super Rocks, and Department of Dance)
Meetup on hill around 3pm or 4pm at the Salmon Street Fountains.

Oct 19th Dropout Ride for Freak Bike Fall(Prick Scumbags, Super Rocks, and more)

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